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Embark on a journey of radiant wellness! From our exclusive Autologous Micro Grafting for permanent hair restoration to the transformative power of exosomes renewing skin and hair, and the natural rewind with Fibroblast cells. Our personalized Nutritest and Tricho Test unlock dietary needs and ensure vibrant hair health. Experience holistic renewal in your skin's sanctuary with us, where personalized care and innovative treatments meet under the leadership of Dr. Emel Polat, a Kagider and Genkord Dermatology Board member.

Why Should You Choose Dermatologist? ​

Masters of Skin Science

Dermatologists are wizards of skin, delving deep into the mysteries of skin, hair, and nail health. Their specialized training equips them with unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and treating an array of dermatological concerns, ensuring your skin receives the expert care it deserves.

Your Skin's Bespoke Symphony: Precision Crafted Care

Imagine a tailored skincare plan that's as unique as you are. Dermatologists curate personalized treatments designed specifically for your skin type and concerns. With their mastery of advanced procedures, expect a precise and effective approach, ensuring your skin shines with vitality.

Beyond Beautiful: Nurturing Skin's Eternal Glow

Dermatologists don't just treat; they nurture. Beyond immediate care, they champion preventive strategies, providing guidance on routines, sun protection, and strategies for lasting skin health.



Dr.Emel Polat graduated from Ankara Anadolu Lisesi in 1988 and Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 1995 and completed her education at Dokuz Eylül University’s Dermatology Department in 2002

Skin and Venereal Diseases Specialist 

Emel Polat believes in personalized treatment. Allocating special time to patients is the most basic principle. Our skin is the mirror of many ailments in our body. Therefore, it should be taken care of very well and the treatment processes should be personalized according to the patients. 

Emel Polat lives her own life with its usual naturalness and reflects this process to her patients. Treatment processes carried out within the framework of continuity and trust give the best results in patients. It is one of Emel Polat's principles to continue to be a part of patients' lives when they leave the clinic and join the natural flow of life.

Our Services

Dr.Emel Polat: Personalized Care, Natural Simplicity, Lifelong Wellness.

Emel Polat is a firm advocate for personalized care. At the core of her practice is the dedication of individualized time for each patient, a fundamental principle she strongly believes in. Recognizing that our skin serves as a mirror to the ailments within, Emel emphasizes meticulous care, tailoring treatment processes to meet the unique needs of each individual.

In her own life, Emel Polat embraces a philosophy of natural simplicity, a philosophy she seamlessly extends to her patients. Upholding a commitment to continuous and trustworthy treatment processes, she ensures optimal results for her patients. The principle of remaining a meaningful part of her patients' lives, even beyond the clinic, as they seamlessly integrate into the natural ebb and flow of life, is a value that Emel Polat holds dear.

Our Clinic Can Offer

Free Consultation

You deserve healthy, glowing skin. Our complimentary consultation is an opportunity for you to meet our experienced dermatologists and take the first step towards understanding and addressing your skin concerns.

Translation Services

Our translation services in various languages are dedicated to facilitating clear communication, addressing your concerns effectively, and ensuring your needs and preferences are met effortlessly. Rest assured, language will not be a barrier during your dermatological journey with us.

Transfer Services

We extend our support by welcoming patients and their companions upon their arrival at the designated location. Our dedicated service includes private shuttles and cars to smoothly transport you to your intended destination.


Prior to your dermatological journey, we aim to provide comprehensive support, including assistance with accommodation arrangements that align with your preferences. Your comfort is our priority. We offer a range of options tailored to meet your needs.

Visa Assistance

Upon review and acceptance of medical reports by our dermatologists, patients and their companions receive an invitation letter from our clinic. This letter expedites the visa application process, ensuring a smoother journey for your dermatological treatment.


Dr.Emel POLAT Clinic, thanks to its world-class service mentality, allows you to get service in Turkey’s best clinics. Our company, which cooperates with the best clinics and internationally accredited.

Why should you choose Turkey?​

Advanced Facilities & Experienced Dermatologists

Turkey offers cutting-edge facilities and skilled dermatologists, providing diverse treatment options and expertise in cosmetic dermatology.

Cost-Effective Care & Cultural Experience

Patients benefit from cost-effective care in Turkey, often more affordable than Western countries. Additionally, Turkey's rich cultural experiences allow for a unique combination of treatment and travel.

Streamlined Process & International Standards

The country boasts a streamlined visa application process for medical purposes, adheres to global healthcare standards, and provides multilingual support, enhancing the appeal of choosing Turkey for superior dermatological care.

Who We Are?

At Clinic Beauté, a forefront in advanced aesthetic and wellness solutions, our expert team, led by Dermatologist Dr.Emel Polat, prioritizes personalized treatments for your unique needs. Combining innovation, science, and holistic well-being, we redefine health through cutting-edge procedures and comprehensive care.

Dr. Emel Polat, a Kagider member and Genkord’s Board-certified dermatologist, spearheads our commitment to excellence in dermatological care. We're dedicated to equipping you with the tools and knowledge for lifelong skin health.

Thank you for choosing Clinic Beauté. Let's embark together on your journey to healthier, happier skin.

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Frequently Asked Question

We combine personalized care with advanced technology, led by Dr. Emel Polat, a Kagider and Genkordun Dermatology Board member, for a holistic approach to beauty and health.

Research has shown that dermatologists specialize in various skin, hair, and nail conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, hair loss, and more.

Expert dermatologists recommend regular skin check-ups, especially for individuals with a history of skin cancer or those exposed to the sun frequently. The frequency may vary based on personal risk factors and previous skin issues.

Typically, your first appointment involves a thorough examination of your skin, discussion about any concerns or conditions, and potential treatment plans or recommendations. Be prepared to share your medical history and any medications you’re using

Cosmetic dermatology procedures, when performed by qualified professionals, are generally safe. Dermatologists use approved techniques and products to minimize risks and achieve desired results.

Dermatologists and skin specialists refer to professionals specialized in addressing various skin conditions. Dermatologists focus on treating skin issues such as rashes, acne, and aging-related treatments like dark circle removal or laser procedures. The term ‘skin specialist’ is often used interchangeably with a dermatologist, emphasizing their expertise in skincare and related treatments.