Aqua Peeling

Aqua peeling application is one of the most comfortable medical skincare methods available. Its popularity among existing skincare procedures is crucial. The procedure can be performed completely painlessly.

Deep cleansing of the skin leads to a clearer and more beautiful complexion in a short amount of time. It utilizes high vacuum power during the process.

It not only removes excess oil and dirt from the skin but also rids it of dead cell particles. Clearing the skin from dead cells is crucial for achieving a younger-looking skin appearance. Just a single application enables thorough skin cleansing. Therefore, through aqua peeling, achieving a radiant skin appearance is possible without spending hours.

What Materials Are Used in Aqua Peeling?

Firstly, it’s important to note that materials used in this process are entirely compatible with the skin. These materials have been tested previously and are harmless to the skin. Commonly used materials include:

  • AHA Solution
  • BHA Solution
  • Essence Solution

Additionally, different skincare products or specific solutions that the skin might require can also be used.

Does Aqua Peeling Provide a Younger Appearance?

Certainly, this procedure is favored by those seeking a younger appearance. It is known that the skin appears younger after undergoing this procedure. It should be noted that aqua peeling not only eliminates excess oil from the skin but also ensures a more effective skin cleansing. Particularly, the elimination of bacteria and microbes that can cause skin issues contributes to a clearer complexion.

Furthermore, it assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines on the skin. It’s also a suitable medical skincare method for those dealing with acne issues. You can benefit from aqua peeling to prevent acne recurrence after the acne has been treated. Hence, it’s a method that can be applied according to specific needs or different expectations.

How Long Does the Aqua Peeling Process Take?

The process typically takes approximately 30 minutes. Aqua peeling consists of three different stages, each lasting about 10 minutes.

Within a total of 30 minutes, the session is completed, allowing patients to return to their daily or work routines. It’s essential to avoid exposing the skin to sunlight only on the day of the procedure.

Is Aqua Peeling Suitable for Which Skin Types?

This procedure is suitable for all skin types. Whether one has a dark, medium, or fair complexion does not affect the application of this method. It’s a procedure that can comfortably be applied to all skin types.

However, it’s not suitable for individuals with acne problems or those with few to severe acne issues. It’s not recommended for these individuals. Instead, other medical skincare options more suited to address acne problems should be considered.

Are There Any Side Effects of Aqua Peeling?

When applied by specialized, experienced professionals, aqua peeling has no side effects. It might cause slight skin sensitivity, but this effect is entirely temporary.

One often wonders whether this procedure leads to issues like redness, burning, or irritation. However, these effects are not observed during this procedure. Its increasing preference in recent years is due to the absence of such side effects, providing a comfortable experience during the application.

Its quick completion time and the ability to yield satisfactory results with a single session are significant advantages of this procedure. It can be comfortably chosen without having to take long breaks from daily life or work. It’s an ideal option for those looking to avoid risky skin care procedures.

Does Aqua Peeling Prevent Skin Problems?

While cleaning the skin during this procedure, it also purges bacteria. Consequently, it can prevent bacterial skin issues from arising. While it’s not possible to claim that it prevents all skin problems, it’s an effective method in preventing the most commonly occurring skin issues.

The Process

This effective method for renewing the skin is a subject of curiosity regarding its application. Here are the details about the process:

  • The process begins with cleansing the skin
  • A deep cleaning of the skin down to its deeper layers is achieved through peeling
  • During this skin cleaning, special solutions containing low alpha salicylic acid, harmless to the skin, are used
  • The cleaning of the skin continues for 5-10 minutes with the specially formulated solution
  • This stage allows the cleaning of pores on the skin
  • The extraction process ensures the cleansing of bacteria and parasites on the skin
  • The final step involves hydrating the skin
  • This step lasts approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Special solutions with soothing and moisturizing properties are applied to the skin
  • This satisfies the skin’s hydration needs, completing the aqua peeling application

After the Procedure

There is no need to worry about the process following this procedure, as one can return to daily life immediately after. Additionally, there’s no need for severe restrictions or special methods. Here’s what you should know about post-aqua peeling:

  • Since the lower layers of the skin are significantly cleaned during the process, the skin gains a radiant appearance
  • With just one application, the skin can look clean, clear, and healthy
  • There might be a very slight level of sensitivity after the procedure
  • This sensitivity is entirely normal and temporary
  • Following the procedure, avoid using cosmetic products that could irritate or tire the skin due to this sensitivity
  • Sun protection is essential after the treatment
  • Using high-factor sunscreen can protect from the sun

If you desire a cleaner, clearer, healthier, and more radiant skin appearance, you can benefit from aqua peeling. Take the first step towards achieving beautiful skin by scheduling an appointment.