Hair Laser (Laser Hair Treatment)

Hair laser, also known as laser hair treatment, is an innovative and non-invasive method used to address various hair-related concerns. This advanced technique utilizes laser technology to stimulate blood flow under the skin in the targeted hair area. By doing so, it strengthens existing hair, prevents further hair loss, and promotes the growth of new hair.

Hair laser treatment is designed to be safe, painless, and effective. It is particularly beneficial for individuals facing issues such as weakened hair, thinning strands, and localized baldness. The process involves the use of modern laser devices that enhance blood circulation, leading to healthier and more robust hair.

What is Hair Laser?

Hair is the most important aesthetic accessory for both women and men. Having an impressive appearance and feeling good is crucial, and the structure and shape of our hair play a significant role in achieving this. However, unhealthy living conditions brought about by modern life, stress, genetic factors, advanced age, thyroid disease, and deficiencies in iron and vitamin D can lead to hair loss. Hair loss, characterized by the weakening and thinning of hair strands, and in some areas, complete loss, can diminish people’s motivation and self-confidence, affecting their overall quality of life.

Hair laser, a safe, painless, and effective method, allows individuals experiencing hair weakening or loss to achieve the desired fullness in their hair without disrupting their daily lives and without separating from their loved ones. Hair laser treatment thickens thinning hair strands and supports hair growth by stopping hair loss.

In summary, the question of what hair laser is and what solution it can offer for hair loss can be answered as follows: Hair laser is a treatment method that utilizes state-of-the-art laser devices to increase blood circulation under the skin in the hair area. This process strengthens existing hair and triggers and accelerates hair growth in bald areas, providing a healthy, safe, and effective solution.

How is Hair Laser Treatment Applied?

Hair laser treatment is applied by first consulting with a specialist dermatologist and conducting a hair analysis. The number and frequency of sessions are determined based on the individual’s hair structure and the degree of hair loss. Subsequently, tiny channels are opened in the hair area using a dermapen, and a serum that accelerates hair growth and nourishment is applied. The serum is massaged into the scalp. Following that, a laser device is used to target the underperforming capillaries beneath the scalp by delivering pulses, thereby accelerating blood circulation in that area. The dermapen and nourishing serum enhance the effectiveness of the laser treatment. The laser beams, penetrating deeply into the skin through the opened channels, stimulate inactive hair follicles, triggering protein synthesis and cell renewal.

Hair laser treatment supports both the development of new hair follicles and the strengthening and thickening of existing hair. In the initial stage, sessions are applied twice a week for 20 minutes each. While it varies from person to person, noticeable results can be achieved in a total of 10 sessions (within 3-4 months) with once-weekly applications. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to undergo hair laser treatment for at least 6 months. Hair laser treatment, providing completely painless, comfortable, and safe results, has proven to be highly successful in both men and women in achieving thick and voluminous hair. Hair laser treatment can be used as a standalone effective method or in combination with hair transplantation. When applied 15 days to 1 month before hair transplantation, it ensures highly efficient results. Additionally, hair laser treatment performed one month after hair transplantation supports faster growth of transplanted hair and a retention rate of 90-95% (compared to 70-80% without laser support in non-laser-assisted hair transplantation). For those who want transplanted hair to grow earlier and more abundantly, hair laser treatment provides an effective and ideal solution after hair transplantation.

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