Hair PRP

In recent years, various methods have been employed to address areas of dissatisfaction with the body or to improve specific concerns. One such method is Hair PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). When hair loss is detected, this innovative approach, which can be implemented before irreversible hair loss occurs, aims to strengthen and fortify the hair, promoting a healthy structure and appearance.

What is Hair Prp Therapy?

PRP Hair Treatment is a procedure involving the extraction of blood from an individual’s body, processing it to obtain enriched substances, and then injecting it back into the problematic hair structure of the person. Through a specialized process, the individual’s blood is broken down, and the treated blood is subsequently injected into the hair roots. This method, devoid of drugs or foreign substances, facilitates a wholly natural renewal process. Hair PRP aids in preventing hair loss in problematic areas, fosters the thickening of hair strands, and supports the strengthening of weak and fragile hair.

How is Hair Prp Treatment Made?

Blood Collection Phase:

In the PRP hair treatment, 10cc of blood is extracted from the individual, equivalent to one-tenth of a teacup.

Centrifugation Phase:

The collected blood undergoes centrifugation, separating red and white blood cells. This process reveals platelet-rich substances like PRP and PPP, which are crucial for providing necessary support to the hair. This stage typically lasts 8-10 minutes.

Application Phase:

The blood, now enriched with activated new cell configuration, fast feeding, and quality blood circulation from the device, is injected under the person’s scalp using small needles.

Application Time:

A single session of PRP hair treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. Before application, an anesthetic solution is administered to the problematic area.

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